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with Valuable data

Kgolf Academy provides a coaching solution that relies on simulator data. Utilizing swing data analysis will contribute to the stability of your golf swing.


Kyung Hoon,
Peter Kim

KPGA member
2011 - 2013  |  NZPGA TOUR member
2007 - 2023  |  Takapuna Golf Club pro
2007 - 2015  |  Publish golf column series in Koreatown magazine
2006 - 2010  |  New Zealand Women’s National Team Personal
Coach ( Lydia Ko, Cecilia Cho, Yeon-song Kim)
2014 - 2016  |  New Zealand Men’s National Team Personal
Coach ( Tae Koh, Kevin Koong)

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golfer profile.png


Andy Choi


Department of Physical Education degree Young In University in Korea



 •Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) L1

• Korea Golf Coaching License (KTPGA)

• U.S. Golf Coaching License (USGTF)

• License for Sports for All Reader Golf Level 3 in Seoul

I am a golf lesson professional from a physical education. The lesson philosophy is a form of lesson that customers have not experienced, and systematically teaches the technical aspects of swing by emphasizing the movement of each part of the body and the balance of the body.

Golf is a sport that requires control and concentration of the mind along with the physical aspect. Considering these aspects, we are working to provide the best lessons.


Thank you.



2 Years Australian PGA
9+ Years NZ PGA Tour player
2023 KPGA Srixon Tour
2019 PGA Tour China
2011-2012 | NZ representative

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& Challenge
  • Monthly & Junior Competition

  • Hole-in-one Challenge

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