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Discover KGOLF, an innovative approach to indoor golf. Experience the amazing changes provided by technology. Come and improve your golf skills.

Indoor Golfing Experience

This place is a haven for those who love golf.

You can access facilities to improve your swing using detailed data and video feedback.

Regardless of Auckland's fluctuating weather, you can indulge in golf at any time.

The lounge's delightful selection of food and drinks, including alcohol, is an extra perk!


Get ahead

KGOLF simulator (KDR) offers accurate measurements of your swing, giving you essential insights to comprehend your own golf swing. Based on this swing data and video, KGOLF ACADEMY analyzes and coaches your swing. Discover this innovative approach to golf, powered by technology, and get ahead in your game.

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Unbound by weather or time

Even if it's late hours after a busy day, even if it's raining, or when you want to escape harsh sunlight, you can always play golf at KGOLF. You can even enjoy beer and tapas with friends.

Be part of this exciting new culture.

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Indoor Golfing KGolf

KGolf has become a haven where golfers and nongolfers alike can get their golf performance. 

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The movement and spin of a specially patterned ball are precisely measured using two high-speed cameras capable of capturing 2,000 frames per second. Additionally, the PhysX 6D physics engine simulates the actual behavior of the ball, accurately representing your ball's trajectory, including slices, hooks, fades, draws, and running approaches.


Play 18holes at over 100+ courses

Get the chance to play on virtual renditions of leading golf courses from around the world, recreated with precision. From the iconic Pebble Beach in the U.S. to Singapore's esteemed Sentosa Golf Club, these simulations use real-world designs and vivid graphics to provide an immersive experience akin to playing on the actual greens.



the Prize

Participate in the monthly Tournament! The KGOLF competition takes place once a month on a specially selected course. Own valuable prizes by playing through an exciting, tension-filled round on a course that feels just like the real thing!



and Function

Enjoy a party with colleagues, friends, or people from social gatherings. Compete individually or in teams on courses provided by the KGOLF simulator, or simply have fun! And don’t forget to pair the experience with some tasty snacks and beverages

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KGolf Academy

Try out the analytics-focused Academy operated by famous golf professionals affiliated with KGOLF! Learn what the simulator's data means for your play and receive guidance for better performance. See the enhancement of your swing through the measurable advancements in your data.

Private Room

The Private Room on the second floor offers a more secluded golfing experience.

Booking this room is ideal for individual golf lessons or for playing games with friends or business partners.


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KGOLF is introducing new golf experiences in collaboration with various brands.



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