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your golf swing

Enhance your golf swing by utilizing the diverse playing options available at KGOLF.

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Golf Course Aerial Shot


Driving Range

In each bay, you can utilize the KGOLF system to find out essential swing analytics like swing speed, smash factor, launch angle, and spin rate helping you establish a baseline for your swing.
The swing videos provided from both head-on and side view cameras will offer an unbiased perspective to comprehend your swing technique.


Virtual Course

Get the chance to play on virtual renditions of leading golf courses from around the world, recreated with precision. From the iconic Pebble Beach in the U.S. to Singapore's esteemed Sentosa Golf Club, these simulations use real-world designs and vivid graphics to provide an immersive experience akin to playing on the actual greens.

golf swing_edited.png
golf swing_edited.png



Participate in the monthly Tournament! The KGOLF competition takes place once a month on a specially selected course. Own valuable prizes by playing through an exciting, tension-filled round on a course that feels just like the real thing!

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Try out the analytics-focused Academy operated by famous golf professionals affiliated with KGOLF! Learn what the KGOLF simulator's data means for your play and receive guidance for better performance. See the enhancement of your swing through the measurable advancements in your data.

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Relax? Party?

Indulge in some refreshments and a light meal at the KGOLF Café. Replenish your energy with a pause and improve your golf play. Or enjoy a party with colleagues, friends, or people from social gatherings. Compete individually or in teams on courses provided by the KGOLF simulator, or simply have fun! And don’t forget to pair the experience with some tasty snacks and beverages.

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